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Jura Corryvreckan Colonsay

Jura Corryvreckan Colonsay
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Guests join Zuza around 1600 in Oban. Our departure shortly thereafter will see us on anchor for our first evening meal aboard.


The itinerary is dependent on weather – balancing shelter with reaching our preferred destinations – but may include for example, some of the following places;


- Garvellachs (Isles of the Sea), we’ll land on Eileach an Naoimh

- Colonsay and Isle Oronsay, overnight anchorage and land on both.

- Nave Island (off Islay) a short visit to explore the Monastic ruins and chapel on this rarely visited island.

- Jura and the Sound of Islay

- Scarba, hopefully, a short walk for a dramatic view of the whirlpool.

- The Gulf of Corryvreckan, tides and weather permitting we’ll make passage through the Gulf.


On the final day, we head back to Oban for your departure after breakfast on Monday 3 September.


Wildlife Highlights Enjoyed Previously 

Birds of prey like Buzzards & Kestrel are widespread, with Sparrowhawk & Peregrine needing more patience & luck is needed to see the diminutive Merlin – Black Guillemots (known as Tysties) in their striking plumage – Acrobatic Choughs on their Scottish breeding strongholds of Colonsay and Oronsay – Smart Dippers & Grey Wagtails bobbing along stream sides – Responsible viewing of Golden & Sea Eagles as they afford privileged views on their territories, hunting for prey to feed their chicks in spring, with sightings of successfully fledged young ending the season – Hooded Crows, strikingly different from their southern cousins – Incredibly acrobatic Ravens giving everything else in the sky a flying lesson – Skuas, both Arctic and Bonxies shadow the boat, parasitizing other seabirds of their food.


Cetacean encounters most commonly with Minke, Humpback’s are a less frequent visitor, occasional sightings of Fin and Sperm whale – the Hebrides have a resident Pod of Orca and the area is occasionally visited by an Icelandic pod – frequent encounters with Common, Bottlenose & Whitebeak dolphins, Risso & Whitesided dolphins are also occasionally sighted – Basking sharks have been scarce the last few years but are still seen and seem to be returning, we know the hot spots!